Super Duper Tennis brings the FUN back in the game
of tennis - transforming unconventional spaces into sized down kids courts with equipment fit for your child to make tennis accessible everywhere and anywhere!  

“My son isn’t really a sporty kid but he really likes the super duper tennis classes. It is great to see him learn a new sport and have so much fun!”
— Iskra (Daniel, Tiny Aces Program)
“Wyatt is having SO MUCH FUN at tennis! So happy we signed up!”
— Olivia (Wyatt, Tiny Aces program)
“Coaches and staff engage the kids in all kinda of drills and games, and they make tennis fun! Our daughter has improved her tennis skills significantly in just a few weeks.”
— Jennifer (Katherine, Big Aces Program)


Super Duper Tennis is a proud member of the United States Tennis Association.