The Super Duper Mission

At Super Duper Tennis, we teach the FUNdamentals of tennis to kids in an educational, safe and exciting environment that enhances self-esteem, builds confidence and overall love for the game. We focus on simple and fun teaching techniques, developed and supported by the USTA (United States Tennis Association), where we make tennis fun and more accessible using mobile equipment fit for kids - lower nets, less pressured tennis balls, shorter racquets. This new wave of tennis and our unique teaching methodologies, helps kids in our program learn the game faster and with ease, have fun and hit with success.



Dear Steven! You are an amazing teacher and we all felt so fortunate to have a teacher with so much enthusiasm and skill. We love that you come up with new games and exercises for us every week. We love you!
— Love: Colin and Hektor! (6 years old, Little Aces Program)
We decided to try Super Duper tennis lessons in order to help our 7 year old son learn to play tennis properly and stay physically active throughout the winter. Our son’s instructor has great demeanor, he immediately establishes excellent relationship with the kids and he works very hard to keep them engaged and focused. The program itself is well structured and is made up of variety of drills and exercises broken up in 5-10 minute sections. Kids get to do exercises with and without the rackets. In my opinion all exercises are really great as they help the kids with their dexterity, mobility and coordination-skills that help their tennis game and overall fitness/agility. Our son really enjoys the class and we have no trouble getting him to go to bed on ‘tennis’ nights. We are very pleased with the class and his progress and would definitely recommend it to other parents.
— Rastko & Emiliya Tomin (Sava, Big Aces Program)
Super Duper Tennis has been recommended by so many parents lately!
— Clare (Atticus, Biance & Caelen)
Super Duper Tennis is a fantastic instructional program for young learners! I was amazed to see how the curriculum was tailored to my daughter’s 3-4 year old age group. Every activity is directly related to a specific tennis skill and infused with an infectious sense of fun and excitement that makes my daughter look forward to class each week!
— Inez McGowan (Kateri, Tiny Aces Program)
Thank you for teaching me and my sister how to play tennis. It was fun and exciting for Mila. I loved it also. It would not have been fun without you. Now my mom knows how to play also and Mila and for sure me. Because if you were not there teaching me, I would not have known how to play tennis. Thank you!!
— Elsa (7 years old)
Second and third the recommendation for Super Duper Tennis!! We are in the Friday afternoon class at Pier 25...The coaches are amazing, fun and gentle. They gear everything towards the tiny ones. All the kids get individual attention...Sign up!
— Olivia (Wyatt & Miller, Mini Aces Program)
After searching high and low for a good place downtown to take kids, I have finally found it. programs he had tried). I signed up my kids and now they live for their Friday tennis lessons.
— Margarit (Niko & Sasha, Tiny & Little Aces Program)