Are classes prorated?

Yes. Classes are prorated until week 3. After week 3, we will no longer prorate the classes. 

What skills does my child learn?

Tennis is a lifelong sport that brings both physical and psychological benefits.
By getting into the game, you'll open a door to enjoyment.

Aerobic and anaerobic fitness to fight obesity and support performance in other areas
Fine and gross motor skills
Improves balance, flexibility, agility and hand-eye coordination
Teaches self-confidence and self-assurance
Nutritional habits
Fosters teamwork, work ethic and discipline
Make new friends in a safe, supportive environment

Can my child take a trial class?

We do not offer trial classes. We do, however, have a specific refund policy, which provides a similar option. You can enroll for the session, and if for some reason your child does not take to the class, you have until the fourth class to withdraw and receive a full prorated refund. 

Our policy is structured as young children in a new environment, often take a couple of classes to get used to the sport, the other children, the coach and the surroundings.

What is your referral policy?

We will offer a 10% discount for every NEW person that a CURRENT customer refers to Super Duper Tennis.
You may refer up to (3) new people per season and receive up to 30% off.

What is your child-to-coach ratio?

At Super Duper Tennis, we believe the ideal child-to-coach ratio is 4:1 for classes.
For classes with more, an additional coach will be added. 
We understand some parents prefer lower enrolled classes where their child can get more individual attention.
You can take advantage of this by signing up for our private or semi-private lessons. 

For after school and / or camps, child-to-coach ratio is 6:1.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we do! However, you must sign up two or more of your children within the same season/camp,
to be eligible to use the sibling discount promo code.

Note: Sibling discounts cannot be applied to after school classes at schools or at any of our partner vendor classes,
to semi-private or private lessons and / or if signing up one child. 
It only applies to group classes not part of an after school program at schools or partner vendor classes. 

i.e. If you register one child in an after school class at a school or in one of our partner vendor classes and register the other child in a class not a part of an after school or partner vendor class, they will not be eligible for a sibling discount. 

Contact us for the promo code!

Is there a minimum enrollment to hold a class?

We believe in creating a fun and educational environment in a social setting.
Therefore, a minimum of 4 kids is required for a class to continue.
Super Duper Tennis reserves the right to cancel a class as a result of insufficient registration.
A full refund will be provided in this case. 

What should my child bring to class?

If your child does not have a racket, no problem! We provide rackets fit for your child's age and size.
We only ask that your child wear athletic gear and proper sneakers as well as bring water / juice to each session.  

What size racket does my child need?

It's important your child gets matched to the appropriate racket size to help ensure they stay injury free, play effectively and have fun!
Here are two guidelines to determine which tennis racket will be the right fit:
Most accurate way to measure: Have your child stand straight with arms at their sides.
The racket should be no longer than the distance from the fingertips to the ground. I.e: if you purchase a 17 inch, be sure you look for this. 

You can also follow the chart below which outlines approximate racket length that is appropriate to help point in the right direction. *This mostly serves as a guidepost